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How The Landscapes Are Made From Mathematics

1) The Idea

I start by creating a mathematical rule that tells a pixel when to "hold hands" with a nearby pixel. The I find the groups of pixels that are connected to each other by hand holding and give them the same color. The image at the right shows a 400x400 pixel example of what happens with one of my early rules. My problem as an artist with this image is that the colors are too separated into regions. I want the coloured areas to push more into each other.

2) Improving The Idea

In order to make the colored regions overlap more, I relax the hand holding rules a bit so that the colored areas can flow a bit into each other. But now I've made the image more uniform and less well defined and to me less interesting.

3) Final Adjustment

In order to give my image more impact, I now use an algorithm to reduce the noise and bring some of the important features forward.